Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Artist-in-Residence Program Begins

On July 1st photographer Bobby Neel Adams left the hot & stinky summer smells of New York bound for Rock Creek. The smells have improved and he now awakens to birds, an pickups with no mufflers and the coal trucks rumbling by. Much better than the M train that passes by his Queens window. Concrete has been replaced with thick and often prickly vegetation that grabs at his ankles as he walks by.

In West Virginia Adams is continuing to work on his series of photographs titled: DROWNED. These Vinatas style photographs depict an underwater world of detritus and decay hinting at the ephemeral nature of life.

So if you live near Rock Creek, WV please throw a garbage bag and gloves in the trunk of your car, as Adams desperately needs fresh road kill to continue his work.

Any donations of skulls, bones, stuffed creatures, and the once living would be greatly appreciated and returned or not.

--Bobby Neel Adams

Appalachia Watch and Climate Ground Zero welcome Bobby Neel Adams as our inaugural artist-in-residence in Rock Creek, West Virginia. The program stems from a suggestion of our dear friend and neighbor Ed Wiley, who kept telling me, "Antrim, you've got to get the New York photographers down here." Wiley, an indefatigable fighter, understands the power of the picture, of media attention, and that we need more down here to end mountaintop removal permanently. So, we offer artists, journalists and filmmakers like Adams and future visiting artists a refuge of Appalachian beauty.

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