Friday, March 1, 2013

48 Arrests on Ash Wednesday at White House

President Obama's 8 sentences on the environment in his second inaugural address, during which he eloquently spoke of the well-being and health of the children of Appalachia and following, in the 13 February State of the Union address, when he spoke out of both sides of his mouth about the wonders of natural gas and cleaning up our energy; then declaring, "if Congress won't act, I will," which we hope refers to ending the glaring atrocity of mountaintop removal coal mining. Extreme extraction, whether it be mountaintop removal for coal, hydraulic fracturing for natural gas or tar sands extraction for oil, must end or our planet will continue its headlong path to burning coal-fire hell, which no amount of "prepping" can help.
Climate Change and Obama's Second Term - Images by antrim caskey February 13, 2013, 48 people of the environmental movement, organized by Sierra Club, and the Hip Hop Caucus, gathered at the White House, lashed themselves to the wrought iron fence, to send a message to President Obama, don't build the pipeline, stop blowing up mountains and quit fracking our countryside.

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